PhD and PostDoc Alumni

    Prusayon Nintanavongsa (May 2013)

      Thesis title: Prototype Design and Network Protocols for Wireless Energy Harvesting Sensors
      Post Graduate Positions: Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering Department Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand

    Abdulla Al-Ali (May 2014)

      Email: al-ali.a [AT] husky [dot] neu [dot] edu
      Thesis title: Database-assisted end-to-end theoretical and simulation framework for cognitive radio networks
      Post Graduate Positions: Assistant Professor, Qatar University, Qatar.

    Rahman Doost Mohammady (Dec 2014)

      Email: doost [AT] ece [dot] neu [dot] edu
      Thesis title: Opportunistic Wireless Spectrum Access: Protocols, Analysis and Applications
      Post Graduate Positions: Research Assistant Professor, Rice University, USA.

    Yousof Naderi (Dec 2015)

      Email: naderi [AT] ece [dot] neu [dot] edu
      Thesis title: RF-Powered Internet of the Things
      Post Graduate Positions: CEO/Co-founder of DeepCharge Inc., Boston, MA & Research Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, USA.

    Meenupriya Swaminathan (May 2017)

      Email: meenu [AT] ece [dot] neu [dot] edu
      Thesis title: Wireless Intra-body Communication For Implantable And Wearable Body Devices Using Galvanic Coupling
      Post Graduate Positions: Senior Engineer, Qualcomm Inc., USA.

    Ramanathan Subramanian (May 2017)

      Email: rsubramanian [AT] coe [dot] neu [dot] edu
      Thesis title: Link layer Designs for Short-range Wireless Access Spanning ISM to mmWave Bands
      Post Graduate Positions: Software Engineer, Cisco Systems Inc., USA.

    Benjamin Drozdenko (May 2017)

      Thesis title: Enabling Protocol Coexistence: Hardware-Software Codesign of Wireless Transceivers on Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
      Post Graduate Positions: Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech University, USA.

    Fan Zhou (Aug 2019)

      Thesis title: Transport Protocol Design for End-to-End Data Delivery in Emerging Wireless Networks
      Post Graduate Positions: Research Engineer, Facebook, USA.

    Ufuk Muncuk (Aug 2019)

      Thesis title: Cognitive RF Energy Harvesting: From Design to Applications
      Post Graduate Positions: Research Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, Boston, USA.

    Dheryta Jaisinghani (July 2020)

      Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa, USA.

    Kunal Sankhe (July 2019)

      Thesis title: Overlaying Control Signal over Standard-Compliant Frames: From Energy Harvesting to Deep Learning
      Post Graduate Positions: Wireless Engineer, Qualcomm Inc., USA.

    Carlos Bocanegra (Dec 2021)

      Thesis title: A Systems Approach to Spectrum Sharing and Multi-antenna Operation for Emerging Networks
      Post Graduate Positions: Wireless System Engineer, Facebook, USA.

MS Thesis Alumni

  • Jason Douglas Meyer (April 2019)
    Thesis title: FPGA Acceleration of a Mobile SDR Receiver for Distributed Beamforming in Wireless Networks
  • Shamnaz M. Riyaz (July 2018)
    Thesis title: Radio Fingerprinting Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Zhengnan Li (July 2018)
    Thesis title: Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Beamforming Communication Simulator Design: A Systematic Approach
  • Jianlin Zhou (August 2016)
    Thesis title: Noise Resilient Wireless Communication: Joint Analog and Digital Optimization
  • Yifei Sun (April 2013, co-advised with Stephen Intille)
    Thesis title: Implementation and Pilot Testing of an Android-based Real-time Activity Detection System
  • Ufuk Munchuk (June 2012)
    Thesis title: Design Optimization and Implementation for RF Energy Harvesting Circuits
  • David Lewis (July 2012)
    Thesis title: Towards Harvesting Energy from Digital Television and Energy Transfer Scheduling Algorithm

MS Project Alumni

  • Idriys Harris
  • Xuege Cao
  • Zhe Li
  • Srilakshmi Jayaramappa
  • Naveen Manikandan Periasamy